Articles featuring Chris

The Chronicle Herald
No brain drain, just brain networking
Clare Mellor, The Chronicle Herald, 5 September 2009.

“Mr. Crowell founded East Coast Connected in the fall of 2007 while he was living and working in Toronto…The organization, run by a volunteer board of directors, has burgeoned to about 3,000 members in just two years and plans to expand to Ottawa this fall.”

NB Business Journal
‘Shameless optimist’ flaunting Atlantic Canada
Dave MacLean, New Brunswick Business Journal, 4 June 2009.

“With the technology, transportation and telecommunications infrastructure as it is today, Atlantic Canada is a great place to do business from – we just need to let everybody know it.”

680 News

“There’s issues around globalization; there’s issues around a shift toward a green economy. Next generation leadership will become increasingly important.”

The Globe and Mail
Networking to the max (Adobe PDF)
Noel Hulsman, The Globe and Mail, 12 June 2008.

“Pick causes you are passionate about and get involved in some way with the planning, fund raising, and event coordination. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills. Be the person who solves problems; no matter how small they are.”

Encouraging ‘brain circulation’ (Adobe PDF)
Jennifer MacMillan and Matt Hartley, The Globe and Mail, 11 April 2008.

“Whereas maybe in our grandfathers’ generation, you weren’t able to stay as connected due to technology and travel limitations, today it’s easier than ever to stay intertwined in the affairs of the region.”

Columns written by Chris

The Chronicle Herald
Renewable resource worth tapping
Chris Crowell, The Chronicle Herald, 24 June 2009.

“I call on governments, CEOs and community leaders of Atlantic Canada to look outwards, to embrace expats and to offer them an opportunity to reconnect in a meaningful way to the home they, more often than not, reluctantly left.”

Progress Magazine
Are growth and happiness mutually exclusive options?
Chris Crowell, Progress Magazine, January 2009.
The new face of Atlantic Canada
Chris Crowell, Progress Magazine, September 2008.
My Atlantic Canada includes Toronto
Chris Crowell, Progress Magazine, June 2008.